brainstorms that push boundaries

So you want to get noticed?



Then it’s important that you be an original.  You can’t copy and paste your way to the summit.

We help you craft your image and find your voice.  We listen to what you say and hear what you don’t say.  We study your competition and analyze your industry.  We observe your customers and follow your target audience.

And with that research in hand, we rally.  That’s when our creative sparks fly

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spreading the word is key

It’s the buzz that spurs the growth.



Looking good is great, but it doesn’t really matter if no one notices. Once your image is crafted and your online persona defined, it’s time to strut your stuff.

We liken building your brand and growing your online community to an avalanche. It all starts with dropping a stone in a small pond. Your efforts may seem small and painfully insignificant at first, but in time — you’ll see the ripple effect taking place. Your online audience grows as each slow and steady wave ripples.

It’s those waves of engaged fans and followers who help amplify your message and build your brand. They have influence — not to mention, buying power.

If you’re selling products and services online (or not), you must be seen, heard and found online to remain relevant and stay alive. We build brands that get noticed

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online communities are a 'must-have'

Social media is where the action is.



If you want to be first in line and top of mind when your target audience is ready to buy, you need to have an online presence.

Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, LinkedIn…you name it.  The list of online sites where your business can and should show up is long and wide. Smiling Sherpas will help you establish your online footprint and consult with you to help build your community

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advertising that gets results

It’s time to be seen…and heard.



We offer a variety of media buying options to fit your advertising needs.

Our super qualified team of Sherpas work with you to develop a media strategy, conduct research, create a plan and ultimately launch and optimize your advertising campaigns — whether they are print, radio, outdoor or online.

Overseeing your media buys takes more than skilled negotiations.  It takes identifying, managing and leveraging advertising opportunities while eliminating unnecessary risks. We research the best options and negotiate the best prices. We help you with your creative strategy and offer guidelines that produce the best results

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